In 2011, a new inspiring brand named "Back To Cali“ was born. We started as a kiosk at Carlsbad Premium Outlets, selling apparel and souvenirs inspired by the California lifestyle.
The response was so positive that we decided to open a retail space. The store is located at the Village Faire Shopping Center in Carlsbad, CA. The clothing depicts activities including surfing, biking, and paddling, as well as the phrases "Back To Cali“ and "Livin‘ the Dream.“ "Back To Cali" apparel is designed for both tourists and locals while capturing the California spirit. We want to give tourists a piece of California to take with them and give locals a reminder of the gorgeous place we are blessed to live in. "Back To Cali" is now sharing the love for California with the community. Two of our top priorities are representing California and our love for customer's satisfaction. We want the people to fall in love with California. Fall in love again, come and join us in so many ways and be a part of this.
Living in California feels like an endless vacation and when you‘re happy, you‘re living your dream.
`Back To Cali‘


Carlsbad Village Faire

300 Carlsbad Village Dr #107
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Store Hours: Mon -Sun 9AM - 9PM