Old Town's 2022 Dia De Los Muertos

Old Town's 2022 Dia De Los Muertos

        The Day of the Dead is a holiday traditionally celebrated on November 1 and 2, though other days, such as October 31 or November 6, which may be included depending on the locality. It largely developed in Mexico, where it is mostly observed, but also in other places, especially by people of Mexican and Hispanic heritage.  

Creation of home altars and traditional dishes such as Pan de Muertos, Mole Negro, Tamales, Red Pozole, Sopa Azteca, Chapulines, Calabaza en Tacha, and Marigold flowers, are usually put out in remembrance of a loved one or pet along with prayer and celebration of life for those who have died.

Old Town San Diego will have a Mercado de Arte at the north side of the lot across from the Market, Theatre and Trolley stop on Saturday October 29-30th. On November 2nd Old Town will be hosting the traditional procession to the El Campo Santo cemetery displaying a public altar.

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